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Quality in photography, capturing the moments to make you memories, and a day reserved just for you—these details are of the utmost importance to Newborn Photo Art. What makes the photographer of Newborn Photo Art different from the rest? Well, other then her love for little people, it’s patience and practice of her specialty.

For 14 years, 90% percent of her business has been concentrating on newborns and newborns with their family (verses a photographer that photographs 10% newborns and 90% weddings, birthday parties, sports, maternity, corporate, glamour, etc.).

Newborn Photo Art offers a personal, private photo session with your newborn or infant while working around the baby’s needs. Not having to rush the shoot to make a memory, not having a group of people sitting in a waiting room or standing in line—demonstrates the importance this photographer puts on patience and determination for a successful newborn session. The photographer (Shara) is the owner and has one rule: only one shoot a day. This rule allows her to keep a promise to you: “Your shoot with your loved ones will not be hurried and is her most important duty of the day.”